Wednesday, April 11, 2012

IT Band, Lumpia & Pancit, and Sticker Books

I ran 3.9 pain free wonderful miles today!! My IT band didn't act up until the last 0.1 mile and I was ok with that. I felt great, it was the best run I had had in a while.

I also ate my weight in pancit and lumpia. I was in a Filipino food induced coma by noon. I don't know what it is about lumpia, but I eat it like it's potato chips, popping one after another into my mouth until I am about to burst. I am so glad I don't have regular access to them. If you don't know what lumpia is, they are the Filipino version of a spring roll dipped in crack. Pair that up with pancit and you have yourself a  highly caloric meal of pure bliss. A...wait for it...MAZING!

After my binge, the last thing I wanted to do was workout and I had the elliptical on my schedule today. My IT band is still hurting me, I only made it 2 miles on Monday. I decided yesterday to do some p90x yoga and stick to the elliptical until I could get this thing under control. What can I say, I am desperate for this to resolve, I even made a PT appointment for Friday. 

After doing yoga, I realized I am one inflexible girl. I even had an epiphany while running that I am getting older, I need to take time to warm-up before I run and strength train. I also need to stretch regularly. DUH. My excuse has always been that I just don't have time. But, I really need to take the time or I won't have anything but time, since I won't be running. I am even doing some research and I am going to incorporate movement prep into my pre-run routine. I am reading Core Performance Endurance, by Mark Verstergen. It's good stuff and it's stuff I should be and know I should be doing. Core Perfromance has  a great FB page, I get tons of info from them and actually incorporate some of it into my work. You should check them out.

So, what happened to the elliptical you ask? Well, I hate the elliptical, so I thought I would try the treadmill, if it hurt I would stop and finish out my time on the elliptical. But as you know, it didn't hurt, and I got to enjoy a great run! Yeah me!

I also got to spend some good quality time with my boys today. We made sticker books. You know you had one when you were little. I used craft paper to make mine today. I think my childhood one was an old school photo album.
Nice new place to put the million stickers they have, a good alternative from here:

The sitcker books were an after thought. As a parent you can't always be proactive.

What have you been busy with? Any crafters out there? Got any ideas to help keep my kids busy?


  1. Oh Sticker Books! I still have mine (somewhere in a box in the garage or attic).

    My yoga practice today had amazing IT band stretches. I wish I could explain it or remember the name, but I can show you next time I see you :)

  2. Awww you still have yours! The best were the stratch n' sniff or the one with some sort of texture, like fuzzy or glitter. :)