Sunday, April 29, 2012


I have been on a baking/cooking spree! And it maybe Pinterests’ fault! I love to bake and cook and all those recipes just waiting to get pinned to my YUM board (could I be a bigger dork!), drive me to put on my apron (why yes, yes I could), pull out my Kitchen Aid, and get crackin’.

Since I joined Pinterest, I have pinned over 200 recipes to my YUM board and I have another board for all those fruity alcoholic libations. I don’t even drink mixed drinks. I guess they are for just in case I start throwing garden parties with Martha Stewart. WTH Pinterest?!?

It would look just like this. Except, I would hope to have guests at my party.

In contrast, I only have 64 pins to my RUNNNNN Board (big big dork). I love to run but my RUNNNN board has a little catching up to do. When I feel like loosing 2 hours of my life, I'll be sure to get on that. Pinterest is such a time sucker!

I have always liked to create in the kitchen. It all started with my Dad way back in the day. He would let me help make sauce or bake cookies. I have such great memories of being in the kitchen with him and I want my kids to have the same great memories. Plus, I don’t want them to think food comes from a box or a take-out menu. Besides, look at these faces….they are loving life!

I'm going to make this this week!

I will say, that thanks to Pinterest, I have found an awesome blog with a million recipes, which I am steadily making my way through. If you haven’t been on, you are missing out. If the photographs of the food aren’t enough to get you in the kitchen, you should know the recipes are easy and I have yet to be disappointed!

My favorite recipe so far was the Chipolte Lime Rice. It was fantastic! My husband, who is a rice purist (he loves it plain with a dash or 20 of soy sauce) loved this rice. This week I am going to make this...

Chicken and Mushrooms in Garlic Wine Sauce

Good thing I like to run. Not only have I made some new main dish recipes, I've also made a chocolate chip cookie pie, cake batter rice krispie treats, and brownies from scratch. These turned out terrible, but the boys (and I) still ate them! I am not sure why my sweet tooth is in overdrive lately? Not only am I concerned with the excess sugar my diet, I am trying to clean up our eating and don't want to contribute to the childhood obesity epidemic or give my kids dia-bet-is as Wilford Grimely would say, so I have been trying to offset my desire to create sugary treats with healthy nutrient rich smoothies.

These were strawberry banana with spinach and flax. They boys couldn't even tell!

Here is to good eating! Salute!

What is your favorite memory of being in the kitchen as a kid?
Have you tried any new recipes off Pinterest or elsewhere lately?


  1. I've made a handful of my Pinterest pins. I should start a board to keep track of the ones I've done. I keep returning to a handful of ones I really love. This afternoon I plan on baking one for the second time.

    When I was 5 or 6 years old I went through a blue food coloring phase and my mom let me put it in almost everything! My daughter hasn't gotten to that yet. She's quite a little helper though.

  2. I love the food coloring story, it reminds me of my 5 yo. When he was about 3ish, we asked if he wanted blue cheese to dip his pizza in (we are from Buffalo, we dip everything in blue cheese). He said yes, so I poured some on his plate and he proceeded to get mad at me. I thought he was literally getting BLUE cheese and thought I was trying to trick him or something. So from then on I mixed a little blue food coloring into his blue cheese or he would get so upset. He now knows the difference but it's one of those cute memories I'll have of him. :) Thanks for reading!