Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Burpees, no I am not talking about the seed company that supplies us with things like tomato plants for our gardens. I am talking about BURPEES, the no nonsense full body push-up/plank/squat jump combo that will kick your butt!
I saw on a Crossfit FB page that the WOD was 100 burpees for time. That’s it. No other exercise for the day. This got me thinking….could I do this? Could I do 100 burpees in one sitting, so to speak? And if so, how long would it take? I know I can knock out 30, but 100?
So I set off to challenge myself.

There are a ton of different ways to do a burpee. I did a standard burpee with a push-up.

No not me, just some clip art. I don't wear sport bras and tight pants to work out in. Plus I did a jump at the end.

I did a quick warm-up on the bike and stretched out. I set my timer and I was off. In 6 minutes and 18 seconds, I did 70 burpees. I was surprised that my legs fatigued faster than my arms. A couple of times my legs buckled on the jump and I barely got off the ground. I also, took a couple rests to catch my breath. I am not sure why I stopped at 70, probably because I was sucking wind and a bit nauseous. But I think I can do the full 100 and I am going to give it another go next week.
I want more people to catch burpee fever.   So, I am going to try and get my local chapter of Moms RUN This Town in on the fun and throw out a burpee challenge to them. I need to work out the details, but I  want it to be fun and more of a competition with ourselves than with each other.  Plus doing burpees will help with explosive power which in turn will help us be better runners. At least that is what I am going to tell them to get them sucked into doing days and days of burpees!

I consider this one of my go-to exercises. What is your go-to exercise?


  1. YOU DID 70!!!!!! HOLY CRAP! I don't think I could do 10. Bring on the challenge!

    1. You can do it!!! I think you will surprise yourself. When are we going to run again??!?!?