Friday, March 16, 2012

Shamrock Weekend!!

It's here! Shamrock Weekend!! You can read all about my excitement and love for this weekend HERE.

I am off to the expo in a few and I can't wait. I am doing the Dolphin Challenge this weekend and will be doing the 8k tomorrow and half marathon on Sunday, so I get extra shwag today at packet pickup! This is my first double race weekend. It should be great! I am hoping to get that sub 1:50 half and I my completing the 8k shouldn't do impact my time too much, I am walking the 8k with my Mom and sister.

I will be meeting Shannon Carson from Touch Chik and some other Toughies today, as well as, getting my Touch Chik team kit. So.excited!!!

I am also meeting up with local and out of town Mom RUNS This Town members, very excited about this!! My chapter alone has 18 people running the various races.

Here is a sneak peek at my outfit selection. I am still hoping to find a green tech shirt today for Sunday's half and I might have to ditch the socks (it is going to be a warm one!)

For the 8k

For the half


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