Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Shamrock Expo and 8k Recap

Sorry this has taken so long to post (I know you all have been dying to read about my super awesome weekend) but the name of the blog should be an indicator that I have a busy life and getting post up in a timely manner isn't always feasible. Please excuse my tardiness!

What can I say? Shamrock weekend did not disappoint! I got to see family, old friends, compete in two races, see my kids run, and PR in the half marathon by almost 26 minutes!

The Expo

This glorious weekend started when I headed over to the Shamrock Sportsfest Expo, held at the lovely Virginia Beach Convention center....

Here I got to pick up my two packets. Yes, you read that right...two. I competed in the Dolphin Challenge. Which consists of completing both the 8k and the half marathon. What did I get for being part of the challenge you ask? A special award? A plaque? Nope, nothing! Except a race packet for each race. For the 8k it was a long sleeve t-shirt and the half is a short sleeve tech shirt. I thought I should get a special crown or shirt to let everyone know that I am a Dolphin, damn it. But nothing. How would all those people during the 8k know I was walking to conserve my energy for Sunday? And, how would the people at the half know I was tired from my 8k? It needed to be out there, so I told everyone I came in contact with.

The conversation went like this:

ME: "I am doing the dolphin challenge."

OTHER PERSON: Oh, what's that?

ME: I'm doing the 8k and the Half."

OP: Wow, you are awesome!

ME: now feeling like a complete poser and fraud: "Well, I am walking the 8k with my mom and sister."

OP: Oh.

Anyway, I got my packets and we headed to the vendor area. This is always a good time. Where else do you get hang with Ronald McDonald and spin plates???

I also got my Team Touch Chik kit and got to meet Shannon, one of the founders of Tough Chik Performance Clothing. You should check them out. I got my race day shirt from her at the expo and wore it for the half. It was great, super comfortable and stylish. I even made the Tough Chik blog. You can check it out HERE.
Shannon is on the left, looking cute. I however look constipated.

From there I dragged my sister around a little more. She loved it! You can see it all over her face!

Good thing I did too because, as I was dragging her around we were walking she spotted a little boy, probably 4 or 5, who was totally lost and looked like he was going to lose it. Poor kid. But it was LoLo to the rescue, she found a police officer and little boy was reunited with his mother. You go LoLo!

The 8K

The 8k was a blast! As I mentioned in a previous post, this was my Mom's first race ever. She is a walker and to show our support my sister and I joined her for those 4.97 miles on the boardwalk.

We met up with some other Moms RUN This Town members pre-race.

That is our gang sign!
So proud of our girls! Great job ladies!

We had a really good time. We took lots of pictures and power walked our way to a 1:20 finish.

I swear it didn't take us 43 minutes to walk 2 miles!

Gotta love high end oceanfront stores

Post race with medals, so proud!

My Biggest Fans!

Now don't fight over me. There is plenty of love to go around, but,  Jim and Aimee came all the way from PA to run with me.  I even let them get a picture with yours truly ;) I am totally kidding (just in case you needed me to clarify). Hi Jim! Hi Aimee!  They are old friends who used to live here and visit periodically. So happy that both of them are into running. Even happier that they read my blog and like it! Great job on your races!

The Kids Races

This is the second kid race I have blogged about, but it is the first kids race both my boys have ever done. It is tradition. It must be run. My boys must get their t-shirts, bibs, and medals. If you think I am pushing fitness on my kids at an early age, you would be right! Nothing wrong with instilling values of health and wellness. Except, I had to bribe my older son to run. He was over it. I had to let him play Angry Birds while we waited in the corral.
My father-in-law paced for my little one in the two year old corral. I didn't get to see his race so I took this recap from his FB page (sorry if it is copyright infringement Gene. Please don't sue me)

Gene: Another race weekend in Virginia. Sat. ran as a pacer for grandson Patrick age 2. A hard 26.2 yards. He did very well.

Friend: Way to get your grandson started early! :)

Gene: He is actually a veteran, did same race last year as a 1 year old. A couple of weeks ago he did 100 yard race at Disney with his mom. In 2 year old terms that qualifies as an ultra.

I thought that was funny! Gene is a two time Boston finisher. Running is in my boys blood!

The boys with their proud grandpa.

Overall a great two days! We all had a blast. After the races we headed home to celebrate my little mans 5th birthday and prepare for the what I have been training for for what seems like years....The Half Marathon!

Too be continue.....

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