Saturday, March 24, 2012

I finally got out for a run today. What a dumb idea. According to the the pollen count in this area is moderate!?!?! According to the yellow color my car turned it is extremely high. Either way, my allergies are off the charts. Last year I developed seasonal allergies. WTH! I have never had seasonal allergies but for some reason my body decided to revolt and viola, itchy eyes, stuffy nose, sore throat, itchy ears (yes my inner ears itch). Good times.

I set out to do 5 miles and ended up doing just under 2.5. In addition to my itchiness and congestion, my left ITband is tight and kept giving me a sharp stabbing pain in my knee. I tried to ignore it stretch it and keep going but at the point in my route to either go right and continue on for 5 miles or cut it short, I cut it short. When I got home I felt like I was going to itch my eyes out! I couldn't breath and my nose was a faucet all at the same time. What was I thinking! I used my Netti Pot, took a shower, rinsed my eyes, and used anti-itch drops.  Zytrec isn't touching this.  I should have just wiped the pollen off my car and used it as eye shadow, it would have been just as smart.

Last year I was miserable for weeks. Someone suggested I try eating local honey over the course of the year and it would desensitize me. My son also gets terrible seasonal allergies so we both ate honey all fall and winter long. It is working for him, not so much for me.

I also took my new MOTACTV GPS Fitness Tracker along for my run. So far so good. It is a pretty neat little gadget with lots of functions other GPS watches don't have. It's an MP3 player and I synced my smart phone to it so I can take important calls while I run. Wait, that's why I go run, to get away from it all. (Maybe I will leave that function off.) Anyway, I am going to take it on a couple more runs before I write my review. (Plus I am technologically impaired so I need time to get a handle on it.)

Do you get seasonal allergies?

Have  you ever heard of using local honey to desensitize yourself?

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