Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Game Plan

I need a game plan. I was so focused on training for my half marathons that I really didn't look any further ahead except to list the races I am doing this year. I am lost without a plan. I become unmotivated and undisciplined. I have spent the last 5-6 month with a goal in mind and plan to get me there. Now, with no real plan to follow I am just taking it a day at a time. Which has been great (I needed the rest), but  I don't want to much time to pass without getting a plan together or I will lose my focus.

So what's next?

I have several obsticale/military style events on the calendar for late summer/early fall including Military Challenge, ASYMCA Mud Run, Tough Mudder, and Warrior Dash. If I train for specifically for the TM, hopefully,  the other events will seem like a cake walk.

I do however, think that The ASYMCA Mud Run is one of the hardest events I have ever done. It is only an 8k but on soft sand up and down the same sand berms our Navy elite train on. It's pretty hard core and this year I am going for a sub 50 minute time. 50 minutes for and 8k you say? I did it two years ago and came in, I think 5th in my age group with 54 minutes, this year I want top 3 and if I may be so bold....I want 1st.  There I said it.  (Maybe by the time it rolls around you all will have forgotten, especially if I fail! But if I make it, I will be sure to remind you ;) hahaha!!)

But how to survive TM and break through that barrier in the Mud Run? I need to sit down, drag out a calendar, and mark my upcoming races, set some (realistic) goals and get my training plan together. It needs to include running (of course) but also strength training and flexibility need to be taken into account. Both of which were neglected once my mileage increased while training for my halfs.

I also have some 5k's sprinkled here and there but nothing longer than an 8k until TM. If you have any suggestions on how to incorporate all this into my tight schedule let me know!! Especially if you have done The TM!


  1. I feel like i have fallen off any sort of running routine. yikes! I need to plan something out too. Hopefully I will have time to get over to Core Fitness and get on a routine with that. I am missing my runs. Looking forward to seeing what your plan is. You keep me motivated.

    1. Hey, I have no plan. I have been taking it a day at a time. My knee is bothering me...good times. So i am just focusing on that. I am so jealous that you are going to Core Fitness..but then I looked at their WOD's and I'm ok, with not going! hahaha! It looks intense!! YOu for sure will kick butt at TM after that!!