Friday, March 9, 2012

Driving vs. Running

Do you run like you drive? I have a longish commute and this is what my deep thinking time leads approach to racing is just like my approach to driving. 

About me: I am slightly type-A and maybe a little impatient.

About my driving: When I approach a two lane stop-light I look for the open or 'less-slow looking' lane to merge into. I don't get behind big slow trucks. I like to see the path ahead of me. I bob and weave into an open lane with no cars directly in front of me, which is usually in the left lane. AND, I accelerate quickly out of the gate to jockey for that lead position. 

About my approach to racing...I am impatient at the start of a race when I can't find an open spot between runners (I have been known to go 'off road' to get through the crowd). I don't get behind big slow trucks runners. I bob and weave through the crowd until I find a big opening to cruise in. I also start quickly out of the gate... I wish I could say to get the lead position, but I am not that fast!

Yes, I would yell LEFT very loudly to get through this crowd even if they don't know what left is!
Just kidding they are so cute!

Basically, how I drive is how I race, except I don't (knock on wood) run out of gas in my car. I do, however, tend to start races too fast and pay for it later. I have been trying to work on pacing this past year and think I may actually have grown as a runner and will be able to use some restraint next week when I race my half. I am going to try and strictly stick to my pace band and save up my energy for the last couple of miles. I know I will PR, I just don't know by how much. I know what I am physically capable of, I just hope my mind doesn't mess it up!

What is your race strategy?

Do you use a pace band?

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