Friday, March 2, 2012

Disney Kids Race Recap

I am home from a wonderful week in Walt Disney World. It was our first real family vacation and I tried to pack as much in as I possibly could. Not only did I run The Princess Half Marathon, my boys, Connor almost 5, and Patrick 2, raced as well. Disney wants the entire family to get in on the fun. They have a family 5k and multiple kids races of varying lengths at the ESPN Wide World of Sports. 


The boy's races were scheduled to start at 11 sharp on Saturday, which we almost missed. (I may have left one of our bags at the bus stop, which my husband went back to retrieve. My hero Prince Charming.) First up was Patrick, he ran the 100 meters. He did well until about the half way mark. As you can imagine there were people yelling and cheering all these little prince and princesses on and that scared my little man. I was running holding his hand one minute and the next,  I had him in my arms and we were trotting toward the finish line. It's ok little buddy. We all get stage fright.  Next up was Connor. He ran the 200 meter. He did great! He was running as fast as his little legs would carry him! Plus he had a blister on his heel from walking in wet shoes back from the pool the night before. Thankfully, we know an athletic trainer that was able to help him with this.

post race hugs

They both got race bibs with their names on it, t-shirts and cute little medals with the same logo on it. Connor thought the logo was too girly, and I think he is right. He covered the prince and princess up with stickers of Mickey Mouse. I also bought them  commemorative Mickey Ears with the same girly logo, which neither of them would wear. Not sure how I didn't realize the logo would be so princessy when I ordered them.

Since the races were held at the ESPN Wide World of Sports, there was even something for my husband to do....Red Sox Spring Training.

We all had a great day. I am off to bed and will have my Princess Race recap for you shortly!

Update...apparently I don't pay attention to my husbands interests this is not Red's The Braves, lol!

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