Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Talking Shop

I had such a great day today, mostly because, not only do I love to run but I love to talk about running. To start the day right, my first patient just happened to be an ultra runner. Of course we shot the sh*t, as they say, and I picked his brain for a few. He is training for  50K and wants to do an Ironman. There seems to be a common concern when people want to train for something like an Ironman or and ultra and that is TIME. It takes so much time to train. Physically he thinks he can do the Ironman, its just finding time to do the training and not totally neglect his family. Apparently, you need to train twice a day, right there you can count me out. I'm having a hard time finding balance when training for a measly half. Good luck.

Next up, I saw a young sailor who tells me that he has done Tough Mudder not once, but twice. It was so fun, he says. I tell him whine about my cold water/electric shock concerns. He tells me it really isn't that bad and I will love it. Well, as we continue talking he also tells me he went through BUDs twice too.  Of course TM was no biggie...for him! BUDs is the Navy Seal makes TM look like a tea party. I'm screwed.

I haven't seen my old coworker in a few months and he stopped by the clinic to say hi. It was nice to catch up and of course talk about running. Running was one of the main topics between us and our patients. It was a nice common ground that just about everyone could get in on, whether they run or not. Shortly after that, a former patient who was looking for some training advice came in. He is now working part time at our local Fleet Feet. So of course,  Fleet Feet just opened here, I have been meaning to go there and drop off some info about Moms RUN This Town. He said that they actually have have a table with where they will display my MRTT stuff...looks like this:

Minus the washing machines and add-in jog strollers and women running in all their mommy glory!

At this point I was so pumped with all this running talk I thought the six miles I had scheduled would fly by but, I only had 2 in me. I think I mentally already ran 6. All that running talk can be exhausting. Really, I am still tired and a little sore from my 12 miles two days ago...I must be the OLD I suffer from. I just don't recover well. I think my nutrition is lacking....probably all the Diet Coke and chocolate I like to indulge in.  Anyway, I plan to make up for it tomorrow. 

But it doesn't end there. I meet up with a rep from Mountain Buggy and she did a jog stroller demo for our local MRTT chapter members. (I'll be doing review in the next few days). put the cherry on top...I have inspired my sister-in-law and sister to run a mud run! So excited for them. I hope they love it as much as I do. I wish I could run it with them, but I will be doing the Mudder that same day.

Do you love to talk running?

Do you find yourself in social situations with non-runners and try desperately to not talk about running, eventhough you really want to relate the topic back to your morning run and the stomach trouble you had with GU? (Not that I do that or anything, just wondering if you do.)

Happy Running :)


  1. I love reading about your days. You always crack me up. Tough Mudder is going to be awesome. We need to get some more moms to join us. Your sister in law and sister should meet us there and do it with us. Anyways thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks Meagan, glad someone is reading this :) hahaha. TM will be awesome! I am looking forward to seeing how tough we are and how deep we can dig to get through the obsticles.