Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sleeping In

know this blog is mainly about running but I wanted to share a story about about my kids and how they don't need me anymore. Sunday night my husband went out of town for work and I was off Monday for the holiday. I never set my alarm because the boys are early risers. Sometime between 5:30 and 7 am they come strolling into my bedroom and so sweetly wake me up make all kinds of noise demanding I take them downstairs.  They are almost 5 and 2 and even the older one needs his mommy to turn the tv on and get him his milk. But Monday morning was different. There was no commotion or demands for morning nourishment. Instead, I was pulled out of sleep by the sound of the toilet in the hall bathroom flush.  Thinking the older one would be in in a minute to wake me, I just laid there but quickly fell back to sleep. It wasn't until 7:20 I really woke up. Thinking this was odd I peaked into their bedroom to find no one there. I heard the TV and went downstairs to find them both sitting on the couch. They were happily sitting there focused on some show. You would think that I would be happy that I got to "sleep in"; that my boys are becoming more and more independent; but that would be an incorrect assumption. I wasn't happy I was hurt. I was hurt that my babies are growing up and over time are going to need me less and less. That one day they won't ask me to get them milk, tuck them in at night, and wipe their bums (well that one i can do without) but I also thought I wanted to sleep in. This time is passing so fast.

If you are a parent what was your my kids are growing up moment?

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