Thursday, February 23, 2012

Princess Outfits!

Here are the two outfits for the Disney Princess Half Marathon. I am going to wear my Moms RUN This Town colors if it is going to be warm. If it rains or is below 50* I am going to switch to the running skirt and yellow top with black half zip. This is my version of what Belle would run in. I want to wear them both! I even have matching Active Headbands for both outfits.  Even though I most likely will wear my MRTT colors, part of me really wants to dress how an athletic running machine princess would dress. Maybe I will draw straws or “shoot” for it with myself.  The more I write about my choices, the more I am not sure what route I will go.  I’ll  surprise you J


  1. They are both really cute - but the blue/green is more striking I think. Good Luck at Disney!!

  2. Thanks Ladies...I think Blue and Green it is!