Thursday, February 2, 2012

Best/Worst Race Experience

we earned those helmets
A member of Team Tough Chik, The Pawsitive Thinker, has challenged team members to come up with, and blog about a weekly question related to fitness. This weeks question comes from Shannon, our Tough Chik Founder. Shannon asks, "What is your worst/best race?" I have been racking my brain...which was the worst? Was it the one and only half I did, where I begged my husband to never let me do that again. The tendinitis in my foot hurt so bad I couldn't walk. Or the 8k I did with a migraine? I'm not sure. Luckily, I have never been a participant of a poorly run race. I have never said, "boy that stunk because the the water tasted weird and now I have diarrhea." Like those poor people who ran the RnR Las Vegas earlier this year. (Thank goodness). Anything negative that ever happened was a result of me not being prepared enough; not fueling correctly; not going to the potty before hand; going out too fast, etc...

I have however, run some great races. My favorite...Warrior Dash. It was by far the best run race I have ever participated in. The people from Red Frog Events really know what they are doing. It took place on the grounds of Berkeley Plantation on the banks of the James River. It was a beautiful place to run. We ran through woods, fields, and water before jumping over fire at the finish!

Berkeley Plantation

James River

Those of you familiar with Warrior Dash know their slogan, "Mud, Sweat, and Beer". The night before we got emails notifying us that they were simply "Mud and Sweat". For some reason they couldn't get a permit to serve alcohol. Quick to act and aiming to please, they waived the $10 parking fee and we all got FREE ENTRY to any Warrior Dash remaining in 2011 and through 2012! It was a very nice gesture. Judging from how smoothly everything went the day of the race, these people have their stuff together! They had a very smooth packet pick-up. No lines at the porta-potties or bag drop. The waives started every 30 minutes and there was no waiting at any of the obstacles on the course. Even the other participants were fun and good humored, like the girls wearing t-shirts with the slogan "My job is to make you look good".  I had a great time, even without the beer. If you like mud runs I highly recommend running a Warrior Dash.



  1. That's good PR for Warrior Dash. A free entry is pretty generous:-) And your outfits were so cute!!

    1. Thanks, it was a lot of fun! I forgot to mention the group of young guys with cabage patch dolls in baby bornj's running the course, hysterical!

  2. I did a half in LV with a migraine. Oh did that hurt, but only when I stopped to take a walk break. Which meant I did a lot of running. Wasn't ready for that one. After the rac, I had to call my doc back home to get some meds called into the pharmacy in LV before my head exploded. I did "Dirty Girls" when it passed through Colorado. That was a fun race. I'll have to look at the Warrior Dash. Thanks for sharing!