Saturday, February 18, 2012

Another Challenge Completed

Once a month my running club, MRTT gets together for a group run. Sometimes there are two of us and sometimes more. Today there was more and I got to meet a new friend!  This was my last long run before The Disney Princess Half next Sunday and I used part of the run to complete MRTT's February's Challenge and ran a 10k as part of my 8 miles.

This is my old friend Julie, not sure how the new friend would feel about making an appearance on my blog :)
We met at Mt. Trashmore this morning and although it was cold at the start it warmed up quickly and ended up being a beautiful day. We all headed over to Starbucks after and I had some goodies to give away; t-shirts from Mountain Buggy (still need to write a review on the Terrain Stroller), head bands from Active Bands, and GU.
On my run around the lake I thought about my training and whether or not I did enough to prepare. I have been training for what seems like forever and I can confidently say between working full time, taking care of two little men and juggling a million other things in my role as Super Mom, I think so. I tried to be consistent and stick to the plan. I've run in the cold rain and a with budlging disk sacral torsion injury neurapathy some sort of back injury, (still no difinitive answer on that) and if not, it's too late now. I’ve heard the crowds are tough and I might have to go ‘off roading’ to get around them and I am not sure how fresh my legs will be after spending the prior day at Magic Kingdom. But I will soon find out!

My plan for this week is to take it easy. I have 3 easy runs planned and hope to catch up on all my DVR’d shows (running can suck up a lot of time). I need to finish packing and getting my race outfit together. Then we are off to Disney!

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