Thursday, February 23, 2012

Princess Outfits!

Here are the two outfits for the Disney Princess Half Marathon. I am going to wear my Moms RUN This Town colors if it is going to be warm. If it rains or is below 50* I am going to switch to the running skirt and yellow top with black half zip. This is my version of what Belle would run in. I want to wear them both! I even have matching Active Headbands for both outfits.  Even though I most likely will wear my MRTT colors, part of me really wants to dress how an athletic running machine princess would dress. Maybe I will draw straws or “shoot” for it with myself.  The more I write about my choices, the more I am not sure what route I will go.  I’ll  surprise you J

Just when I think I am ready to head to Florida for the Princess Half….

I am a planner, obviously. I have been planning this trip for months. In the last few weeks I have gotten lists together about what to pack for my kids and myself, just so I don’t forget anything. I have made schedules of when and where we will be each day, so we can make the most of our time in Disney. I have even read and for helpful tips and inside info on the parks. I have had my training plan in place and followed it to a ‘T’ (well as much as possible). BUT, I have neglected a very important item, the race it’s self! When do I have to leave the hotel? Where is my family going to view the race from and where will I meet them after? I don’t even know the course nor have my outfit 100% together and we leave tomorrow!
I need to get my butt in gear today. I need to finish packing. I have to get my race outfit together and just in case the weather is not warm and sunny I have to get my alternate race outfit in place too. I have to do a load of laundry and to make my mother proud, clean up the house. I know that sounds insane but I can’t stand coming home to a mess. It is a total bummer to get slapped back to reality by a messy house after a long trip and I like to ease back into the old routine. (Or I’m just cleaning up for the robbers who are going to break in after reading we will be gone. Go ahead robbers, we have nothing to steal and an alarm and nosey neighbors to boot!) To make matters worse, yesterday we took our boys to get haircuts, but instead of going to our usual place we went to one of those ‘Super Clip’ places and not to offend anyone who might work there, but WTH? My 4 year old looks like HE tried to cut his hair.  So today I have to try and get it fixed. It is the last thing I want to do today but uneven sideburns aren’t going to cut it in Disney.  

Update: We were successful at getting my son's hair fixed, but my younger son seems to have pink eye! I can't catch a break. Now if you will excuse me I am going to go triple check my packing so I don't have a panic attack.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sleeping In

know this blog is mainly about running but I wanted to share a story about about my kids and how they don't need me anymore. Sunday night my husband went out of town for work and I was off Monday for the holiday. I never set my alarm because the boys are early risers. Sometime between 5:30 and 7 am they come strolling into my bedroom and so sweetly wake me up make all kinds of noise demanding I take them downstairs.  They are almost 5 and 2 and even the older one needs his mommy to turn the tv on and get him his milk. But Monday morning was different. There was no commotion or demands for morning nourishment. Instead, I was pulled out of sleep by the sound of the toilet in the hall bathroom flush.  Thinking the older one would be in in a minute to wake me, I just laid there but quickly fell back to sleep. It wasn't until 7:20 I really woke up. Thinking this was odd I peaked into their bedroom to find no one there. I heard the TV and went downstairs to find them both sitting on the couch. They were happily sitting there focused on some show. You would think that I would be happy that I got to "sleep in"; that my boys are becoming more and more independent; but that would be an incorrect assumption. I wasn't happy I was hurt. I was hurt that my babies are growing up and over time are going to need me less and less. That one day they won't ask me to get them milk, tuck them in at night, and wipe their bums (well that one i can do without) but I also thought I wanted to sleep in. This time is passing so fast.

If you are a parent what was your my kids are growing up moment?

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Another Challenge Completed

Once a month my running club, MRTT gets together for a group run. Sometimes there are two of us and sometimes more. Today there was more and I got to meet a new friend!  This was my last long run before The Disney Princess Half next Sunday and I used part of the run to complete MRTT's February's Challenge and ran a 10k as part of my 8 miles.

This is my old friend Julie, not sure how the new friend would feel about making an appearance on my blog :)
We met at Mt. Trashmore this morning and although it was cold at the start it warmed up quickly and ended up being a beautiful day. We all headed over to Starbucks after and I had some goodies to give away; t-shirts from Mountain Buggy (still need to write a review on the Terrain Stroller), head bands from Active Bands, and GU.
On my run around the lake I thought about my training and whether or not I did enough to prepare. I have been training for what seems like forever and I can confidently say between working full time, taking care of two little men and juggling a million other things in my role as Super Mom, I think so. I tried to be consistent and stick to the plan. I've run in the cold rain and a with budlging disk sacral torsion injury neurapathy some sort of back injury, (still no difinitive answer on that) and if not, it's too late now. I’ve heard the crowds are tough and I might have to go ‘off roading’ to get around them and I am not sure how fresh my legs will be after spending the prior day at Magic Kingdom. But I will soon find out!

My plan for this week is to take it easy. I have 3 easy runs planned and hope to catch up on all my DVR’d shows (running can suck up a lot of time). I need to finish packing and getting my race outfit together. Then we are off to Disney!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

11 days and a Wake Up!

The Disney Princess Half Marathon is just around the corner! In less than two weeks I will be in Disney World getting my run on! It has been a long time coming and I am so relieved happy that it is almost here. I started my training before the new year and was loosely following Run Less Run Faster's 18 week training plan. I maxed out my mileage two weeks ago with a 12 mile long run and I am as ready as I will ever be.

Since I am in my taper and I am a control freak planner, I started to pack for the trip. Before you think I am totally nuts or just a little over excited about this trip, please know that I am not just packing for me. I have two little ones to pack for, one of which is still in diapers. I have almost all of our clothes packed and a list of everything I still need to get together and shop for. I hope to be 99% done this weekend.

I could totally run in that hat!
We are going with our good friends and neighbors, The Parkers. They were planning on heading to Disney this year too and we thought it would be fun to go together. Meagan and I will be running the half together. I know it is typical to run dressed as your favorite Disney Princess, but since we are meeting up with some other MRTT members we have decided to stand out and go with MRTT blue, teal and lime green. In case of inclement weather I have a backup outfit...I'll be going as Princess Kate...OH, they mean Disney Princess, well then I guess it will be in an outfit reminiscent of Belle. I'm not really a costume wearer at races. I will dress in red for Christmas and green for St. Patty's day but full on costume is just not me. Not that there is anything wrong with that, it's just not me. I am waiting to get my shirt back from the printers and then I will unveil my two outfits. I know the suspense must be maddening, but hold tight. I'll post it soon! 

Have you ever dressed in costume for a race?

Monday, February 13, 2012

Active Bands!

I love cute things. I especially love cute headbands. Not only are headbands functional, keeping those stray hairs out of my eyes, they also add a bit of style to my workout wardrobe.

There are several brands out there but I really love Active Bands. They have a ton of styles available, are made well, and they won't break the bank! Because not only do I love cute things, I love a deal. If you love these things too...'like' the Active Band page on Facebook. They are constantly posting deals (I have seen them up to 50% off) and give-a-ways.

I have a few :)

I have been "collecting" Active Bands since the fall and every time I think I have enough, there is a new pattern available. Recently, Moms RUN This Town and Active Band have partnered up and MRTT will be adding Active Bands to the list of prizes you can win by completing The 2012 Challenge for a Change. 

If you are looking to jazz up your next race outfit, check out Active Bands :)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Talking Shop

I had such a great day today, mostly because, not only do I love to run but I love to talk about running. To start the day right, my first patient just happened to be an ultra runner. Of course we shot the sh*t, as they say, and I picked his brain for a few. He is training for  50K and wants to do an Ironman. There seems to be a common concern when people want to train for something like an Ironman or and ultra and that is TIME. It takes so much time to train. Physically he thinks he can do the Ironman, its just finding time to do the training and not totally neglect his family. Apparently, you need to train twice a day, right there you can count me out. I'm having a hard time finding balance when training for a measly half. Good luck.

Next up, I saw a young sailor who tells me that he has done Tough Mudder not once, but twice. It was so fun, he says. I tell him whine about my cold water/electric shock concerns. He tells me it really isn't that bad and I will love it. Well, as we continue talking he also tells me he went through BUDs twice too.  Of course TM was no biggie...for him! BUDs is the Navy Seal makes TM look like a tea party. I'm screwed.

I haven't seen my old coworker in a few months and he stopped by the clinic to say hi. It was nice to catch up and of course talk about running. Running was one of the main topics between us and our patients. It was a nice common ground that just about everyone could get in on, whether they run or not. Shortly after that, a former patient who was looking for some training advice came in. He is now working part time at our local Fleet Feet. So of course,  Fleet Feet just opened here, I have been meaning to go there and drop off some info about Moms RUN This Town. He said that they actually have have a table with where they will display my MRTT stuff...looks like this:

Minus the washing machines and add-in jog strollers and women running in all their mommy glory!

At this point I was so pumped with all this running talk I thought the six miles I had scheduled would fly by but, I only had 2 in me. I think I mentally already ran 6. All that running talk can be exhausting. Really, I am still tired and a little sore from my 12 miles two days ago...I must be the OLD I suffer from. I just don't recover well. I think my nutrition is lacking....probably all the Diet Coke and chocolate I like to indulge in.  Anyway, I plan to make up for it tomorrow. 

But it doesn't end there. I meet up with a rep from Mountain Buggy and she did a jog stroller demo for our local MRTT chapter members. (I'll be doing review in the next few days). put the cherry on top...I have inspired my sister-in-law and sister to run a mud run! So excited for them. I hope they love it as much as I do. I wish I could run it with them, but I will be doing the Mudder that same day.

Do you love to talk running?

Do you find yourself in social situations with non-runners and try desperately to not talk about running, eventhough you really want to relate the topic back to your morning run and the stomach trouble you had with GU? (Not that I do that or anything, just wondering if you do.)

Happy Running :)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

It's Taper Time!

I have been looking forward to this run almost as much as I am looking forward to my half. With the completion of these 12 miles marks the beginning of my TAPER for the Disney Princess Half! I am so excited (and relieved). I have 20 days and a wake-up left until the race and only two more long runs, a 10 miler and an 8. I am very happy that I decided to max out my long runs at 12 miles, instead of the usual 10. I am a novice at half-marathons and I think this gave me the confidence I needed to feel good about the upcoming race.

I have some things I need to do to get ready for the trip down to Disney, including getting my race outfit together. It is mostly complete, just need some final touches. I'll post once I have it done. I also have to get my family packed....which is no small task with two little ones, one of which is in diapers.

Hope you all had a great weekend and I am sure some of you are starting your taper too. Enjoy it!

Friday, February 3, 2012

New Shoes!

I realized the other day I needed new running shoes so I took a trip to our local running store to try some out. I been running in New Balance for the last several years. They worked great for me but it was time for a change. I tried on several pairs and ended up with Brooks Ghost. They feel great, nice and wide like I need them. Plus they are super cute! I really like the colors...Moms RUN This Town teal and blue. I don't always get a great looking shoe so this was a bonus.

I also bought some NUUN. Everywhere I look I see people posting and blogging about how great this stuff is, so I thought I would give it a try. If you don't know what NUUN is they are these little tabs that are just about calorie free that you mix with your water to get a nice dose of electrolytes. I got strawberry lemonade and it tasted great. Not sure how it impacted my run, I only went 6 miles, but I have 12 planned for Sunday so I'll try it again.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Best/Worst Race Experience

we earned those helmets
A member of Team Tough Chik, The Pawsitive Thinker, has challenged team members to come up with, and blog about a weekly question related to fitness. This weeks question comes from Shannon, our Tough Chik Founder. Shannon asks, "What is your worst/best race?" I have been racking my brain...which was the worst? Was it the one and only half I did, where I begged my husband to never let me do that again. The tendinitis in my foot hurt so bad I couldn't walk. Or the 8k I did with a migraine? I'm not sure. Luckily, I have never been a participant of a poorly run race. I have never said, "boy that stunk because the the water tasted weird and now I have diarrhea." Like those poor people who ran the RnR Las Vegas earlier this year. (Thank goodness). Anything negative that ever happened was a result of me not being prepared enough; not fueling correctly; not going to the potty before hand; going out too fast, etc...

I have however, run some great races. My favorite...Warrior Dash. It was by far the best run race I have ever participated in. The people from Red Frog Events really know what they are doing. It took place on the grounds of Berkeley Plantation on the banks of the James River. It was a beautiful place to run. We ran through woods, fields, and water before jumping over fire at the finish!

Berkeley Plantation

James River

Those of you familiar with Warrior Dash know their slogan, "Mud, Sweat, and Beer". The night before we got emails notifying us that they were simply "Mud and Sweat". For some reason they couldn't get a permit to serve alcohol. Quick to act and aiming to please, they waived the $10 parking fee and we all got FREE ENTRY to any Warrior Dash remaining in 2011 and through 2012! It was a very nice gesture. Judging from how smoothly everything went the day of the race, these people have their stuff together! They had a very smooth packet pick-up. No lines at the porta-potties or bag drop. The waives started every 30 minutes and there was no waiting at any of the obstacles on the course. Even the other participants were fun and good humored, like the girls wearing t-shirts with the slogan "My job is to make you look good".  I had a great time, even without the beer. If you like mud runs I highly recommend running a Warrior Dash.