Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Week Ahead

It is Sunday night and I am usually asleep by now but tomorrow is a holiday! Yeah me! I am going to sleep in (and by sleep in I mean until 6:30 or 7). It's late so a quick post. My blog is starting to come together. My husband thinks I am nuts and keeps making comments about the "blog-o-spher". He thinks he is so funny. I have my week pretty planned out but I am sure it won't go down the way I want it to.

Here is a quick outline:

Monday-speed work
Tuesday-easy 3 miles and some strength training
Wednesday-I am getting tazed!
Thursday-6 mi easy (but who knows if I will even get to run due to the tazing)
Saturday- 10 miles

I might do my long run on Friday and use Thursday as a rest day to recover from my EMG. Plus I feel guilty leaving the boys on Saturday mornings. I don't see them in the mornings during the week because of my work schedule so to miss out on a good Saturday morning cuddle session stinks and makes me feel like the worst mother in the world. Going to try to avoid this at all costs.

What does your week ahead look like? Do you feel guilty when running pulls you away from your family?


  1. I only feel guilty when they call me because they have a hard time doing without me for 2 hours. :) My husband also thinks that blogs are silly and hasn't read mine. HAHAHAHA, the things I could write!!! Just kidding, kind of. And Tazed? Yikes. I am going to rest tomorrow, Zumba on Tuesday, Run 3-4 on Wed, Thurs, and taking a Zumba licensing class on Fri, and long run on Saturday of 7? with a group, resting again on Sunday.

  2. Guilty!? My life is built on guilt! Ha ha... If I'm not with my daughter 24/7 I think she's going to forget me or something will happen to her! I realize that this is extreme but, have a hard time separating from her. We even use the baby jogger, so we can all go together!

  3. @runnerwannabe-I am glad I am not the only one who's husband hasn't read their blog. Mine says he can't get past the name, lol. Thinks it's cheesey. The things we could both get away with writing! :)

    @don't call me gringa-that is so sweet how much you care for your little one! I missed mine tons when I went back to work full time. I think I tried to over compensate at first and was killing myself to get every moment I had with them as full of quality time I could. But over time I have relaxed, but I still feel guilty at times. Like right now...gotta go :)

    Thank you both for reading!