Monday, January 9, 2012

Time Crunch again!

Today I had hoped to do a bike workout and some core strengthening. I think I will at least have time  to do the bike workout. I am scheduled to do some speed work on the the old treadmill. BUT my left ankle is killing me..that is another story.

Anyway back to my time dilemma...I was going workout for about an hour, then get groceries (super doubles at Harris Teeter), get the boys, make dinner (bean burritos and saffron rice), then at 7:00 go to a seminar on myofascial pain syndrome. Oh I forgot to put shower in there somewhere before the seminar. Or I might just go all sweaty and stinky, not sure.

But my 4 year old has pink eye and has been at home with my husband all day and needless to say my husband wants me home asap.

So my new after work schedule looks like this:
2-2:30 workout
2:30-3 drive home
3-3:30-shower/pack workout clothes for tomorrow/prep dinner/pack lunch
3:30-4 Harris Teeter with my infectious diseased preschooler in tow
4ish pick #2 up from day care
4:30 cook dinner
5:00 eat and have family time until 6:45
7-8 Myofascial pain syndrome  here I come
8-home and finish getting ready for tomorrow and crash.

Fun day! So glad it started at 4 am with a lousy nights sleep and a car that wouldn't start :(

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