Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I am sick. I have been sick since last Tuesday. I have chest congestion and a cough. I wake up and dry-heave until I get some flem up. I don't know about you but flem makes me gag. I can't even hear other people "pull it up" as my husband would say. I just stand over the toilet dry heaving until I get lucky enough to clear my lungs.

I am about 7 weeks from the Disney Princess Half (I think). My training is suffering. I have lost all motivation to run. I want to feel good again. I have been sleeping like crap, partially my colds fault, partially work-stress, and partially a certain 4 yr. old who is afraid of the darks fault. Ugggh. I have a bulding disk in L5/S1, and now I think some raging OA in my left ankle. Good times. I really hate getting old and being overwhelmed  with work.

In the last year or so, really since Patrick was born, I have been "hitting my stride" as they say. I have added speed work and made time for strength training. And it has all made a huge difference in my running. Last spring, I finally broke through the 8 min/mile barrier and won my age group in a local 5k. I have won or placed top 3 in my age group in alomost every race I've done in the last year. I am very proud of that. I am not getting any younger and limited on time to train and recover, so to do as well as I am is an accomplishment (I only run 3 days/week). My day starts at 4 am, work by 5, and after a long crazy day bed by 8:30 or 9 at the latest. So this cold and lack of sleep is really pissing me off. My goal is a sub 1:50 half at either Disney or for the Shamrock. I really think that if all the stars align I can do it, or at least a 1:51. But I need to get over this cold, get some rest, and get out the door. So today I am home sick with the boys. Taking time for me. I am on the couch still in my PJ's at 10:00 and have a doctors appointment this afternoon. Wish me luck!

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