Saturday, January 21, 2012

Gambled and....

Yesterday, the exterminator came for our quarterly service. (We live in the south, in a wooded the math). The amount went up $3 this year to $83. My check # was 883, the invoice was 0883. So what did I do on the advice of my bug killer... played Pick 3. I knew I was going to win. Had to, right? Wrong! Not even close. Waste of a dollar. I don't like to gamble. I never win and I hate wasting money like that. I like to waste it in other ways. I did however take a gamble on the weather today and depending how you see it I broke even.

I wanted to sleep in and spend the morning being lazy with the family. I had hoped to get in 10 at noon during naps. Weather 1, Courtney 0. It was pouring when we made the call to push it to tomorrow. Guess what it was doing at noon...not raining and it was warm. Had to be 50 degrees. Uggh. Anyway, we had a great morning! Pancakes and bacon. I even made little smiley faces out of blueberries; Disney Chanel; and lots of playing. I can run tomorrow. Tonight is date night too! Even though I didn't run today as planned, I think that in the grand scheme of things...I am the big winner :)

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  1. I totally would've gambled the numbers, too. Hey, when you have things like that happen, you just have to. You never know! ;)