Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Fitness Challenges Updates….

This is a 12 month challenge with new fitness and healthy eating challenges monthly. Here is the link for January’s Fitness Challenges and Healthy Eating Challenges!
I did pretty well with the Fitness Challenges, they weren't really a stretch for me to complete. Here is an abbreviated list of challenges and how I faired.
  1. Get fitted for a new pair of running shoes. I really like my New Balance 759. They are the old model but they work for me. I actually bought 3 pairs from Joe's New Balance Outlet  for half price.  I should be good for a couple more months. Once they wear out I will need to get to Running Etc. and get fit for a new's just a matter of actually going there.
  2. Get a free trial membership at a gym or invite a friend to your gym. I work directly adjacent to a gym on base. I use it 3-4 times per week. It is free there are no is the BEST gym I never joined!
  3. Start a running/fitness blog. CHECK!
  4. Go to your gym at least 4 times. CHECK! See #2
  5. Get a friend to run or walk with you. CHECK!
  6. Sign up for a 5k or other race. CHECK..Freeze Your Thorns Off 5k, thanks Boring Runner!
  7. Sign up with Runkeeper or the like. I did not do this one. I was thinking about Daily Mile and adding a ticker to my blog, but I am already obsessed with running. I don't need to feed the addiction more! Although, this would help with another challenge I am doing, The Winter 100 by The Running Mom. (Maybe I need to rethink this one).
As for the Healthy Eating Challenges...I need to do some work!
  1. Drink the right amount of water for your weight everyday for the month. FAIL
  2. Log your food intake for a week.  FAIL
  3. Nothing fried for a month. FAIL
  4. Give up caffiene for a week. FAIL
  5. Watch; Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead FAIL
  6. No fast food for month. FAIL
  7. Have dinner with your family, with no tv, etc.. 4 times per week for the month. CHECK! Finally, I got one. We have dinner together every night at the table, no tv, no distractions. It is our family time. I know as the kids get bigger and our schedules don't always align this won't always be the case but I think this is an important component to a healthy family dynamic.
Challenge #2 The Winter 100
by The Running Mom
The challenge: run 100 miles in 3  months (Dec-Feb). DONE! I finished the first week of January and I am at 124 miles and still running along. This one wasn't too hard to accomplish as I am training for a 2 half marathons. If I wasn't training  and wanted to take my time and use the entire 3 months, I would have needed to log 8 miles per week. I liked this challenge becuase it isn't overwhelming. 8 miles per week. Very do-able and great prizes are at stake here people! If you haven't registered it's not too late! 
 by The Boring Runner
This challenge was mentioned under fitness challenge #6 above for the 2012 Challenge for a Change. It is scheduled for this Saturday. It's a virtual 5k, so I can do it anywhere. According to TBR "Wherever the crap you want! Outside, treadmill, in front of the WII, nude in the shower, wherever!"
I love virtual races. You don't have to be the fastest to win a prize, you just have to do it. They can also be part of another training run or race if you need them to be and most of the time they are FREE! Free motivation and a chance to win a prize!

All of the above challenges/races are open...go try one or three. Challenges are a great way to keep yourself motivated and blogging about them is a great way to be accountable. Whether it is new year resolutions or you just want to stay on track with your personal goals. Sign up for a challenge. You can do it!
What are you doing to keep your New Years Goals?

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