Saturday, January 14, 2012

9 Miles

My stomach is killing me! I occasionally fall victim to stomach cramps after longer runs. I have been very proactive about going into the run well hydrated and well nourished and that usually helps prevent them.  But after a week of illness that did not happen and I paying for it now. I know this sounds like a SUAR post but I'm hurting. Any helpful advice???

Other than that my run was good. My running partner in crime, Randi and I did 9 out at First Landing. It was cold but nice once we started. She wasn't up to her usual speedy self either, so we ended up doing 9 miles at 9 min/mile pace. Which is right where I want to to on my long runs. My ankle is well and my warm fuzzy foot is neither warm nor fuzzy. So that is a bonus.

I need to revamp my training plan for the Disney Princess half. I have 6 weeks and I don't think my weekly mileage is enough. I have been loosely following Run Less Run Faster (which I think is pure genius) from a physiological, as well as, a limited time to train standpoint. The physiology behind the training program is spot on and the logic behind decreasing running mileage for injury prevention and recovery (not to mention time commitment) is a no brainer. If high mileage and 5-6 days a week of running is your thing, this book is not for you. I have to admit when I started following it it was NOT run less, is was run more.The weekly mileage was high for me and I still don't max out their workouts. I find it very tiring and with my schedule I can't recover like I should. What is has done for me, is helped me figure out how to do speed work and tempo runs and what paces I should be doing them. So although, I haven't followed the training plan to a "T", it has helped me tremendously. I can't say enough about it. BUT, since I don't max out the weekly mileage the plan has you doing, I need to add one day of easy running, maybe 2-3 miles. I'll let you know how it goes :)


  1. Hey! New reader here through MRTT. I hit FLSP this morning and blogged about it, too! Good job on your 9 mi despite your conditions. Funny...our posts this weekend have a lot of similarities. Hopefully, we can meet soon for a run!

  2. Thanks for reading Lynette! I will add your blog to my list as well! I hope to meet up with you at some point and we can run FL :) Your blog is so fancy! You will have to give me some tips!