Monday, January 30, 2012

Virtual Run/Walk for Sherry Arnold

From Shut Up and Run...

Virtual Run for Sherry Arnold- February 11, 2012

If you don't know Sherry Arnold, she was a teacher and mother out for a morning run when she was abducted by two men now in custody. Her body has still not been found. SUAR has organized this race for her cousin. Please consider joining in support by clicking the link above to SUAR's blog for the complete story and how you can run a virtual race in memory of Sherry.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

MRTT, 11 Miler and Freeze Your Thorns Off 5k

The Disney Princess Half Marathon is getting close! 25 days to go...I spent the first part of my weekend in Richmond where I scored some cute little hair ties to top off my outfit for the race. I was going to go with a Belle inspired running outfit, but I decided to scrap that idea and go with Moms RUN This Town colors. There are going to be a bunch of us there from around the country, including our founder, Pam. I am very excited to meet other MRTTers! It will be nice to represent in teal and lime green. Besides, isn't it like Belle to buck the system and do things her own way? So instead of being dressed like a Disney princess I will be a princess mom!

We headed out early to First Landing to get in 11 miles. I was also using part of my run to count towards The Boring Runners Freeze Your Thorns Off Virtual 5k. I know I have said in the past how much I like doing virtual races. They give you a little extra incentive to get out the door. Plus they are usually free and have great prizes. So why not? I forgot to check my watch at the 5k mark and looked down well after mile 4, so I am not exactly sure what my time was. I also forgot my camera so no pictures this time. Fortunately, I didn't freeze anything off. Our winter has been so mild and the past few days have been in the low 60's. Great for training purposes.

I am so glad I am maxing out my training next week at 12 miles. Today's eleven gave me a chance to see how I will fair in those last few miles. We took it slow and I felt really good until the last mile or so. My legs were tired. I didn't get to train as much as I would have liked this past week and if you read my last post you know I have been a little wiped out. Plus with only running 3 day's per week, I really need to get the extra mileage in. I am loosely following Run Less Run Faster. They actually had me up to 15 this week, but I am not ready to push that kind of mileage. (I am old and broke, hahaha). It also gave me an opportunity to try out my fueling strategy. (I have a sensitive tummy). Today I tried Jelly Belly Cherry Sport Beans. They were very tasty. I eat 4 every 30 minutes and it worked. No cramps, no trips to the potty. I felt great. I have some Honey Stinger Chews for next week.I have been wanting to try them for a while. I chose the beans today because they aren't gummies and I thought they would stick to my teeth less. Nothing like trying to run while picking food out of your teeth. So depending on how next week goes I  will have hoped to have found a cure for my sensitive stomach.

How about you? What is your favorite feul? Have you ever done a virtual race?

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Last night I dreamt about water spouts, the tornado of the sea. I was at the oceanfront and couldn't get away from the crashing waves and water spouts heading toward shore. They were sure to pick me up and carry me away....the scene was chaotic and tense. They never did hit shore, but they do provide you with key to what my life has been like the last few weeks  months. Controlled chaos.

When I was in my last semester of graduate school, I dreamt about tornados all the time. They were coming and I couldn't do anything about it. I found out later that dreaming about tornado's means  you feel things are out of control.  Back then I was reaching an important crossroads...what to do with the rest of my life...there were so many variables and I felt completely helpless as to what my future held. Today, my dreams are linked, mostly I think, to how stressful my job has become and that stresses impact on my personal life. No matter how hard I try to plan and ultimately control my circumstances seem less controllable.

Here is a little background info I think is important to know where I am coming from...we are short staffed at work and I have been doing to the job of 2.5 people for the past two months. I love my job and what I do but, it has been physically and mentally exhausting trying to keep up. I have a problem saying no and often end up with way to much on my plate. The stress of my job reached a peak last week, coupled with me "single momming" it this week has left me frazzled and exhausted. My training has suffered, my work has suffered, and unfortunately for my kids, my ability to be a good parent has suffered. 

Several things have happened to me over the past two days, including locking myself out of my house; realizing I wasn't locked out after all, but not before I drove 30 minutes to get my key; leaving my portable DVD player on my car roof and driving off; having my son puke all over the inside of my car (it is a wonderful smell, I hope it lasts); losing my other son's bear-blanket; finding said blanket after frantically searching all over a mall; and getting a nickel sized chip in  my cars windshield. Whatever I did I am paying for it. It has not been a stellar start to 2012. I try to plan and at the same time be flexible but I am wondering if it doesn't matter how much I plan if what I am planning for is too much for me to handle?

Tomorrow I have an 11 mile trail run planned....please God don't let me step on a snake or in a hole!! (I can't plan for that!)


How do you roll with life's punches???

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Fitness Challenges Updates….

This is a 12 month challenge with new fitness and healthy eating challenges monthly. Here is the link for January’s Fitness Challenges and Healthy Eating Challenges!
I did pretty well with the Fitness Challenges, they weren't really a stretch for me to complete. Here is an abbreviated list of challenges and how I faired.
  1. Get fitted for a new pair of running shoes. I really like my New Balance 759. They are the old model but they work for me. I actually bought 3 pairs from Joe's New Balance Outlet  for half price.  I should be good for a couple more months. Once they wear out I will need to get to Running Etc. and get fit for a new's just a matter of actually going there.
  2. Get a free trial membership at a gym or invite a friend to your gym. I work directly adjacent to a gym on base. I use it 3-4 times per week. It is free there are no is the BEST gym I never joined!
  3. Start a running/fitness blog. CHECK!
  4. Go to your gym at least 4 times. CHECK! See #2
  5. Get a friend to run or walk with you. CHECK!
  6. Sign up for a 5k or other race. CHECK..Freeze Your Thorns Off 5k, thanks Boring Runner!
  7. Sign up with Runkeeper or the like. I did not do this one. I was thinking about Daily Mile and adding a ticker to my blog, but I am already obsessed with running. I don't need to feed the addiction more! Although, this would help with another challenge I am doing, The Winter 100 by The Running Mom. (Maybe I need to rethink this one).
As for the Healthy Eating Challenges...I need to do some work!
  1. Drink the right amount of water for your weight everyday for the month. FAIL
  2. Log your food intake for a week.  FAIL
  3. Nothing fried for a month. FAIL
  4. Give up caffiene for a week. FAIL
  5. Watch; Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead FAIL
  6. No fast food for month. FAIL
  7. Have dinner with your family, with no tv, etc.. 4 times per week for the month. CHECK! Finally, I got one. We have dinner together every night at the table, no tv, no distractions. It is our family time. I know as the kids get bigger and our schedules don't always align this won't always be the case but I think this is an important component to a healthy family dynamic.
Challenge #2 The Winter 100
by The Running Mom
The challenge: run 100 miles in 3  months (Dec-Feb). DONE! I finished the first week of January and I am at 124 miles and still running along. This one wasn't too hard to accomplish as I am training for a 2 half marathons. If I wasn't training  and wanted to take my time and use the entire 3 months, I would have needed to log 8 miles per week. I liked this challenge becuase it isn't overwhelming. 8 miles per week. Very do-able and great prizes are at stake here people! If you haven't registered it's not too late! 
 by The Boring Runner
This challenge was mentioned under fitness challenge #6 above for the 2012 Challenge for a Change. It is scheduled for this Saturday. It's a virtual 5k, so I can do it anywhere. According to TBR "Wherever the crap you want! Outside, treadmill, in front of the WII, nude in the shower, wherever!"
I love virtual races. You don't have to be the fastest to win a prize, you just have to do it. They can also be part of another training run or race if you need them to be and most of the time they are FREE! Free motivation and a chance to win a prize!

All of the above challenges/races are open...go try one or three. Challenges are a great way to keep yourself motivated and blogging about them is a great way to be accountable. Whether it is new year resolutions or you just want to stay on track with your personal goals. Sign up for a challenge. You can do it!
What are you doing to keep your New Years Goals?

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Looking Ahead

It' Sunday and I am looking at the week ahead, another busy week...

Today I did my 10 mile run. This will put me on pace to max out at 12 miles in two weeks so I can begin my taper for Disney. I should have done it yesterday, but the weather had other ideas. Actually, what I should have done is gone early in the morning, but I didn't want to miss out on a Saturday morning with my boys and I glad I didn't. We played...a lot!

By pushing my long run to today I have to shift my schedule a little. Here is what I am aiming for this week:

Monday-bike and strength train...mainly core
Tuesday-10x400 @ 7min mile pace, with a 10 min warm-up and cool-down
Wednesday-short easy run and strength train...not sure what I am going to do yet...probably do some Crossfit..pull-ups anyone? Yeah right, like I can do pull-ups, hahaha
Thursday-5 miles at 8:12--might go hit the hills of Mt. Trashmore and incorporate some hill training
Friday-bike and strength train
Saturday--Rest, Glorious REST
Sunday--11 miles

In addition to my training schedule I usually plan our meals for the week and do any food prep on Sunday. This way I can just stick stuff in the oven when I get home from work. This is NOT happening this week. I am "single-momming it" for a few days and have no idea what to cook. I don't want to get stuck with a ton of leftovers that no one is going to eat.

I do know that Wednesday is TACO NIGHT! My husband will be pumped. He is so easy to please. Tuesday might be Wendy's. Yes, I feed my children fast food on occasion. I know I said I would never do that and that they would eat nothing but pure organic goodness. I also said I would never put my children on a public changing table without eight layers of protection but reality sets in and people change. Fast food is a treat and this week it is just as much a treat for my boys as not having to cook is a treat for me!

Hopefully work will slow down a little bit and I won't be exhausted come this Friday. We are headed to Richmond and will hopefully hit the Short Pump Mall for some shopping! I love that place!

How do you prepare your family meals? Daily, weekly, monthly? If you say monthly I might need a tutorial ;)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Gambled and....

Yesterday, the exterminator came for our quarterly service. (We live in the south, in a wooded the math). The amount went up $3 this year to $83. My check # was 883, the invoice was 0883. So what did I do on the advice of my bug killer... played Pick 3. I knew I was going to win. Had to, right? Wrong! Not even close. Waste of a dollar. I don't like to gamble. I never win and I hate wasting money like that. I like to waste it in other ways. I did however take a gamble on the weather today and depending how you see it I broke even.

I wanted to sleep in and spend the morning being lazy with the family. I had hoped to get in 10 at noon during naps. Weather 1, Courtney 0. It was pouring when we made the call to push it to tomorrow. Guess what it was doing at noon...not raining and it was warm. Had to be 50 degrees. Uggh. Anyway, we had a great morning! Pancakes and bacon. I even made little smiley faces out of blueberries; Disney Chanel; and lots of playing. I can run tomorrow. Tonight is date night too! Even though I didn't run today as planned, I think that in the grand scheme of things...I am the big winner :)

Friday, January 20, 2012

It's Friday!

I made it! It's Friday and work is done!! After a ridiculously busy and exhausting work week,  I can say I was very successful at tackling my training plan (with a few small modifications). Yeah me! :) All that is left is to rest today while spending quality time with the boys and to log 10 miles tomorrow with my running partner.

Before I go on about me...I want to give a shout out to my father-in-law, Gene. He got into the ING NYC Marathon!
Go Gene!!

Back to me ;).. here is my week in review review:

What I planned to do----What I actually did
Monday-speed work---4 mile tempo run
Tuesday-easy 3 miles and some strength training---Speedwork
Thursday-6 mi easy---5 easy miles

Saturday- 10 miles--I have a few obstacles to overcome to get this one done:

can you see the treadmill?

~It is suppose to THUNDERSTORM!?! In January, great.

~My treadmill is hidden under a pile of boxes filled with incontinence under pads (not for me, for my husbands work..don't ask)


~No sitter. If I have to move this to son has soccer in the a.m. and my husband is going on a two day work trip :(

~Even if I could get to my treadmill, I don't want to do 10 miles in my dirty, cold, dark, mouse infested garage.

I'll figure something out. I don't want push this to Monday. Need to stay on's crunch time...5 weeks to my half!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Happy Running!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

EMG what?!?!

Last May I injured my back. I was cleaning my son's closet and when I went to lift a tub full of stuffed animals I ended up, not with a clean closet, but a bulging disk in L5/S1. This left me in a miserable amount of pain, disability and lingering radicular symptoms in my right foot and into my calf.

I did all this only one day after setting a PR in the 5k. I took two months off of running and since July I have been making my come back. My training has been going well but every few weeks I am reminded of my back injury. Not with pain but with a warm fuzzy feeling. You would think this is normal...bulging disk + high impact activity = warm, fuzzy, pins and needle feeling.  BUT it doesn't make sense. I don't get those symptoms when I am running consistently, it is when I am in a taper (a.k.a. being lazy and inactive).

EMG machine
At some point the warm, fuzzy, pins and needles in my foot annoyed concerned me enough to go back to the doctor. They couldn't explain it, so an EMG was ordered to see if my nerves are firing normally.

An EMG is basically performed by sticking acupuncture-like needles into your muscles and then sending an electric current through that muscle to record blah blah blah...they f*ing taze you! And all you can do is sit there and say "ya, I felt that one".

My doctor couldn't have been much older than me (because I am so young), but he was Board Certified in EEG and EMG. So you would think, this guy knows his stuff. He has probably done this tons of times. But for some reason I was a little uneasy. It might of started when he told me he wasn't familiar with reading the MRI in a certain view and couldn't appreciate my disk bulge. Really? That seems like pretty basic stuff for a board certified D.O. I have had TWO doctors that I work with show me the bulge, and it is pretty clear, you don't have to be a radiologist to see it. Or it could have been the fact that as he was preforming the test, he kept saying things like "hmm, that's odd" or "hmm, that's not what I wanted to see". One time he forgot to plug the leads in and didn't know why he wasn't getting a reading!?!?! At one point he decided that my feet were too cold and that was throwing the test results off. I'll give him that one. My feet are always cold, ask my husband. And if you know me, you know my feet are fairly scary looking. I try not to be too hard on them, they have gotten me where I am today, but in all fairness, my dogs are not winning any beauty contests. He proceeded to bathe my feet in warm water. It was a little odd...

Anyway, after getting shocked and poked several times...I still dont' have an answer. According to Doogie Howser, my study was normal except a slower than normal peroneal nerve pulse, but this wouldn't correlate to my symptoms. So, I am left to wonder, what is wrong with me? My guess, I have a small bulge that waxes and wains causing my symptoms. I am relieved that for the most part nothing serious is wrong. I could have been told I have MS.

Moral of the story...don't clean,especially on Mother's Day.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Where did Monday go?

It is Tuesday afternoon and other than a couple quick replies and checks on facebook, I haven't been able to spend any quality time on the internet. Instead, I was off work yesterday and spent quality time with my boys. I took them to the aquarium all morning. It was cold out, but we ventured outside to the aviary and nature path. I love letting them expend some energy. I don't love getting pooped on in the aviary :( True story.

When I got home, I was able to sneak in a 4 mile tempo run during nap time. It was suppose to be an 3 easy miles, but for some reason ended up being more and a lot faster than I wanted. Today, I am suppose to do  speed work.

Today's training looks like this:
10 minute easy warm-up
3x1600 @ 7:24pace with a 400 rest interval
10 minute cool down

My husband is working late so I will be taking both boys to my little ones Music, Mommy, and Me class. My goal tonight is to get caught up on my blog reading.

Tomorrow is my EMG and I need to make some final arrangements for our Disney trip in Feb. I am going to sign the boys up for the kids races.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed your first day back to work after a vacation?

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Week Ahead

It is Sunday night and I am usually asleep by now but tomorrow is a holiday! Yeah me! I am going to sleep in (and by sleep in I mean until 6:30 or 7). It's late so a quick post. My blog is starting to come together. My husband thinks I am nuts and keeps making comments about the "blog-o-spher". He thinks he is so funny. I have my week pretty planned out but I am sure it won't go down the way I want it to.

Here is a quick outline:

Monday-speed work
Tuesday-easy 3 miles and some strength training
Wednesday-I am getting tazed!
Thursday-6 mi easy (but who knows if I will even get to run due to the tazing)
Saturday- 10 miles

I might do my long run on Friday and use Thursday as a rest day to recover from my EMG. Plus I feel guilty leaving the boys on Saturday mornings. I don't see them in the mornings during the week because of my work schedule so to miss out on a good Saturday morning cuddle session stinks and makes me feel like the worst mother in the world. Going to try to avoid this at all costs.

What does your week ahead look like? Do you feel guilty when running pulls you away from your family?

Saturday, January 14, 2012

9 Miles

My stomach is killing me! I occasionally fall victim to stomach cramps after longer runs. I have been very proactive about going into the run well hydrated and well nourished and that usually helps prevent them.  But after a week of illness that did not happen and I paying for it now. I know this sounds like a SUAR post but I'm hurting. Any helpful advice???

Other than that my run was good. My running partner in crime, Randi and I did 9 out at First Landing. It was cold but nice once we started. She wasn't up to her usual speedy self either, so we ended up doing 9 miles at 9 min/mile pace. Which is right where I want to to on my long runs. My ankle is well and my warm fuzzy foot is neither warm nor fuzzy. So that is a bonus.

I need to revamp my training plan for the Disney Princess half. I have 6 weeks and I don't think my weekly mileage is enough. I have been loosely following Run Less Run Faster (which I think is pure genius) from a physiological, as well as, a limited time to train standpoint. The physiology behind the training program is spot on and the logic behind decreasing running mileage for injury prevention and recovery (not to mention time commitment) is a no brainer. If high mileage and 5-6 days a week of running is your thing, this book is not for you. I have to admit when I started following it it was NOT run less, is was run more.The weekly mileage was high for me and I still don't max out their workouts. I find it very tiring and with my schedule I can't recover like I should. What is has done for me, is helped me figure out how to do speed work and tempo runs and what paces I should be doing them. So although, I haven't followed the training plan to a "T", it has helped me tremendously. I can't say enough about it. BUT, since I don't max out the weekly mileage the plan has you doing, I need to add one day of easy running, maybe 2-3 miles. I'll let you know how it goes :)

Friday, January 13, 2012

Two Kinds of Runners

I was once told that there are two types of runners...Those that are injured and those that are not injured-YET! To my dismay I seem to be falling in the injured category more and more frequently and now I am sick.

Here is my rundown of injuries and illness…

I went to the doctor on Wednesday for my chest congestion and cough. I got some meds and I seem to be feeling much better. I finally slept through the night last night. I can't remember the last time that happened. Tomorrow is my
Moms Run This Town group run. We meet once a month at one of the most beautiful places in Hampton Roads First Landing State Park. I haven't run since last Saturday and I am supposed to do 10 with my running buddy.  I hate to disappoint her, but I don't think I can or should do 10 miles.

Last spring on Mother's Day (of all days) I was cleaning out my son's closet and ended up with a bulging disc in my low back. I was out of work for a week and didn't run for 2 months. I thought my life was over. (I know there are worse things, but I was really depressed). I have been running since late June, with no real problems where my back is concerned, except for the on again off again
parthesia in my right foot and leg. This seems to get better and stay under control when I am active. Today, after a week of being lazy, my foot, for lack of a better description, is warm and fuzzy.  Next Wednesday I am going for an EMG. This is a very painful procedure that I am dreading. My doctor wants to do this first before they will refer me to pain management for an epidural steroid injection. Which is what I need and I have no idea why they are making me get the EMG. It is going to suck. Plus it is going to make me sore, so this will most likely affect my training for the second week in a row.

To top it all off, I think I am getting arthritis. I guess my left ankle felt left out,  WTH! Arthritis!?!? That is for old people ;). It has been sore and achy since last week’s 8 miler.  And get this...I have somehow developed an allergy to NSAIDs. No naproxen, no ibuprofen.   I haven’t been able to take anything for fear of my face swelling. The last time I took it I looked like I had lip implants that went very wrong. Kind of like that dumb b* from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills or Donald duck. Take your pick. Plus it could end up leading to a more serious reaction like anaphylaxis.  

So that is where I am with my injuries/illness. My coworker told me I suffered from overuse long term disorder also known as O-L-D and stop running. NEVER! I would rather deal with aches and pains than increase my risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, etc…

So for now I run. I know someday I won’t be able to run and will have to find something else to keep me going. I just hope that day is far into the future (like when I am eighty).

Happy Running!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I am sick. I have been sick since last Tuesday. I have chest congestion and a cough. I wake up and dry-heave until I get some flem up. I don't know about you but flem makes me gag. I can't even hear other people "pull it up" as my husband would say. I just stand over the toilet dry heaving until I get lucky enough to clear my lungs.

I am about 7 weeks from the Disney Princess Half (I think). My training is suffering. I have lost all motivation to run. I want to feel good again. I have been sleeping like crap, partially my colds fault, partially work-stress, and partially a certain 4 yr. old who is afraid of the darks fault. Ugggh. I have a bulding disk in L5/S1, and now I think some raging OA in my left ankle. Good times. I really hate getting old and being overwhelmed  with work.

In the last year or so, really since Patrick was born, I have been "hitting my stride" as they say. I have added speed work and made time for strength training. And it has all made a huge difference in my running. Last spring, I finally broke through the 8 min/mile barrier and won my age group in a local 5k. I have won or placed top 3 in my age group in alomost every race I've done in the last year. I am very proud of that. I am not getting any younger and limited on time to train and recover, so to do as well as I am is an accomplishment (I only run 3 days/week). My day starts at 4 am, work by 5, and after a long crazy day bed by 8:30 or 9 at the latest. So this cold and lack of sleep is really pissing me off. My goal is a sub 1:50 half at either Disney or for the Shamrock. I really think that if all the stars align I can do it, or at least a 1:51. But I need to get over this cold, get some rest, and get out the door. So today I am home sick with the boys. Taking time for me. I am on the couch still in my PJ's at 10:00 and have a doctors appointment this afternoon. Wish me luck!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Time Crunch again!

Today I had hoped to do a bike workout and some core strengthening. I think I will at least have time  to do the bike workout. I am scheduled to do some speed work on the the old treadmill. BUT my left ankle is killing me..that is another story.

Anyway back to my time dilemma...I was going workout for about an hour, then get groceries (super doubles at Harris Teeter), get the boys, make dinner (bean burritos and saffron rice), then at 7:00 go to a seminar on myofascial pain syndrome. Oh I forgot to put shower in there somewhere before the seminar. Or I might just go all sweaty and stinky, not sure.

But my 4 year old has pink eye and has been at home with my husband all day and needless to say my husband wants me home asap.

So my new after work schedule looks like this:
2-2:30 workout
2:30-3 drive home
3-3:30-shower/pack workout clothes for tomorrow/prep dinner/pack lunch
3:30-4 Harris Teeter with my infectious diseased preschooler in tow
4ish pick #2 up from day care
4:30 cook dinner
5:00 eat and have family time until 6:45
7-8 Myofascial pain syndrome  here I come
8-home and finish getting ready for tomorrow and crash.

Fun day! So glad it started at 4 am with a lousy nights sleep and a car that wouldn't start :(

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Team Tough Chik

I just joined Team Touch Chik! I am so excited. Along with the race uniform I purchased I will be receiving a "big bag of goodies" from their sponsors. I love FREE stuff! All I have to do is wear there gear in a race and share my experience with you all. (If there is anyone out there, lol). Maybe not yet but hopefully in a few months! To Team Tough Chik!

I am also working on getting my 2012 Race Schedule put together and a bio for this blog. I hope to have it done this weekend and  posted. Maybe I will see you at one of my races! For now though I can say that I am registered and training hard for the Disney Princess Half Marathon and the The Yeungling Shamrock Half Marathon/8k(Dolphin Challenge).

Friday, January 6, 2012

Finally Time

After months of going back and forth about starting my own blog I finally decided to give it a go. Why so long you say? First off, have you ever tried to come up with a catchy blog name; one that is easy on the ears, sticks in your head, and embodies what direction you want to head with the content of your blog? It’s hard, at least for me…. Then there is, what am I going to blog about? Will it just be a running/fitness blog or is there more I want to add?  And last but not least, where am I going to find time to blog?!?! That is how I finally came up with my title, So Many Miles, So Little Time.
There are so many things I want to do with my time, not just run and train. My life is full and fulfilling. I love my family, my friends, my job, and running. What I don’t love is not having enough time to fit everything in on a day to day basis. Overtime, I think I have become an expert in the field of time management and planning, omitting things that waste time and making time for things that really matter. Yet, there is still not enough time in the day to get it all done. I am an overachiever and perfectionist or at least I like to think I am. I like to plan out my schedule and “prep” for the week/ month/ and year ahead. It helps keep my schedule and my families schedule running smoothly so I can enjoy my time.

So where is this going? Good question. I want this to be a blog about running and fitness; family; and how I manage to fit it all in (or try to). If I can do it, you can do it. No excuses. There is time in everyone’s schedule to get up off the couch and get your heart rate up. You just have to make time. Do I work out every day? No, but I do work out most days of the week, most of the time. Make your health a priority… if you don’t have your health you have nothing.