Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Marathon Training week 7

This marks the start of phase two! Week 7, 11 more to go! March can't get here soon enough.

Monday: 5 easy miles. It was icy and I bit it, lol. AND it was in front of people. I was at a corner, almost done and home, waiting for the light to turn. When I stepped off the curb and onto a  a sheet of ice,  I didn't so much as fall, as much as I ended up doing several mountain climbers in the intersection before I could get enough traction to stand up and cross the road. I know the guy in the car saw me and was probably laughing at my expense. I would have laughed too!

Tempo Tuesday: This is really the hardest day of the week. It might not be as long as the long run, but it's hard and I push myself to make sure I hit my paces. 8 miles done, 4 miles at tempo. I got a late start and it was dark by the time I finished. My phone died after the first 2 miles and I was alone on the canal trail, minus the couple of random dog walkers. I couldn't slow down, it was too creepy. Why does it have to get so dark so early!! I miss summer! That and I need to plan better!

Wednesday: This is suppose to be a rest or easy three mile day, but I signed up for a trail race series, and this was the second in the series. I missed the first race, but they take the 4 best of the 6 races for awards. It was a night race on trails at a park in the city. It was a lot of fun. Thankfully, most of the snow had melted, but there was a lot of ice left behind. I did end up sliding down a trail. I love trail races, they make me feel like a kid playing in the woods. I ended up second in my age group by a few seconds. I was stuck behind 4 guys for the last half mile on a narrow trail. I think I could have made up the difference if they weren't in the way. I did beat 3 of the 4 guys in the final stretch to the finish line. I'm not sure how I am doing in the standings overall. If I am sacrificing my rest day for a race, I hope I have a chance at placing. (3.59 miles)

Thursday: Yoga and time with the kids. My legs are trashed, I'm stiff as all get out, and I am exhausted. I took a rest day. Should have ran 5 easy, but I think my body needed the rest more.

Friday: I did my 5 easy miles today. I felt good and took it easy.

Saturday: 15 mile progression run. I ran the first 6 with a group at a local running store. Took a quick pee break and went back out for the last 9. I was using the RunGo app and it was confusing me on the last 3 miles, so I had to keep stop and checking where I was (don't want to end up in a sketchy area). That coupled with the hilly terrain, I didn't get a true progression run, but I thought it was a good run overall. It was very windy as well so I felt like I did a progression run.

Overall almost 37 miles for the week.
Next Saturday is the Winter Warrior Half Marathon, so I am going to take it easy this coming week and cut my miles back so my legs have a chance to recover for the race.